Ordinary Item + Monogram = 1 EXTRAORDINARY Keepsake! 

Monogrammed gifts say "I was thinking about you!"!

Monogram a personal gift and you've made it a treasure for life.
The list of items that can be embroidered with a personal monogram is endless. 

A personalized, Monogrammed gift can be given for any occasion:

Embroidered Pelican will help you create a Custom Monogram all your own to use for your wedding on invitations, and embroider it on table cloths and napkins to use at your showers or dinners or reception. These personalized linens make a great statement when used under your wedding cake, or at the head table. Show your personality by having a monogram from a font and layout that is yours alone.

Christenings and Anniversaries
Beautiful Afghans with a monogram commemorating the event are always treasured gifts.
  • Birthdays
  • Mother's or Father's Day
  • New Baby
  • Bridesmaids Gifts
A Special Occasion, or Just for Fun!

Tired of replacing your student's college towels, jackets, gym bags or sweatshirts?
Don't lose it! Monogram It!

Monograms can be placed on almost anything:
Towels Bags Shirts Cuffs Ties Linens

Call Embroidered Pelican to get started on your own custom monogram today.