Embroidered Pelican can turn your custom artwork or existing logo
 into a beautiful, stitched design and embroider it on a variety of items for you.

The Embroidery Advantage
  • Nothing compares with the look and feel of quality embroidery
  • Quality, Embroidered items Get Attention!
  • Embroidery allows you to advertise in vibrant colors on living "billboards" 
Take advantage of the exposure you get every single day. By wearing clothing with your custom embroidered logo, you turn every personal encounter into an advertising opportunity. Just think of the hundreds of people you come in contact with throughout the course of a day. Everyone you meet is a potential customer. Let them know just what it is you do for a living. Start a conversation.

Don't have a logo? We can help you create one! Use standard lettering and Jazz it up to create just the image you want.

No minimum orders are required by Embroider Pelican, making custom embroidered clothing available to everyone. No need to keep a large inventory of items when there's only 2 of you in the office.

LOGO to STITCHES Easy as 1-2-3
  • Email your logo to art@embroideredpelican.com We can often work from your business card.
  • Embroidered Pelican creates the stitched design and sends you a proof for approval.
  • Choose your items to decorate with your Custom embroidered design
All that's left for you to do is wear your logo proudly!

With custom embroidery you can:
  • Enhance your company's or organization's image in a unique way
  • Create or improve group morale and spirit while having your members help increase your visibility
  • Show appreciation to your clients and employees by giving unique, embroidered gifts.